Jack Russell Terrier at work

      Good old Minnow, our twelve year old Jack Russell Terrier bitch, she is still in good hunting form. While Barney was lying asleep in the sun she heard a suspicious noise on the gravel and went straight into rapid reaction mode and before I'd covered three paces towards where the sound came from she had collared the rat and killed it with the always deadly terrier shake.
      Our farmer neighbour says the rats are beginning to appear because the harvest is over and they are moving to where they think and know the food is and they are becoming more visible in the process. Inevitably they'll head for all of the usual places composters, barns, gardens and anywhere people leave waste and refuse that is easily accessible. The humble rat is a great opportunist and survivor, well apart from this one anyway.
      Minnow doesn't miss an opportunity either.
      Neither will the .410.